Success Story

How a Strategic Email Landed Christopher Columbus Condos in the #1 TripAdvisor Spot

Christopher Columbus Condos, a group of condominiums in Grand Cayman, is an oasis situated on the beautiful and private Seven Mile Beach. Because they are known for their outstanding service and friendly employees, a majority of their guests are loyal visitors.

In September 2015, Christopher Columbus Condos was struggling to receive a steady flow of TripAdvisor reviews. This was causing their rank to suffer, though they knew they had an abundance of satisfied guests. At this time, they were ranked #14 out of 37 in Specialty Lodging on Seven Mile Beach. With 77% of vacationers making their travel decisions off of online reviews (TripAdvisor), CCC knew they needed a consistent flow to keep up.

Knowing the powerful effects of email marketing, Toni (Element 74 project manager and email marketing extraordinaire) designed an email for Christopher Columbus Condos that simply asked guests for TripAdvisor reviews. This email was designed to evoke the welcoming and friendly emotions that guests feel when they visit the condos. A large header image shows various faces of smiling employees and a personal signature from the property manager, Lisa. It features straightforward content and a large button that takes readers to CCC’s TripAdvisor profile for reviewing.

Since September 2015, every guest who has stayed at Christopher Columbus Condos has received this email asking for a review 1-2 weeks after their stay. With a 75% open rate and a 30% click-through rate, this email has resulted in a steady stream of Christopher Columbus Condos TripAdvisor reviews each month.

The best part? In August of 2016, right under one year of the start of this email campaign, Christopher Columbus Condos reached spot #1 of 37 in Specialty Lodging on Seven Mile Beach, and remains there today. CCC wouldn’t have reached this spot, of course, without great reviews. These positive reviews are entirely due to their outstanding product: their guest service. All their marketing campaign was missing was a simple pat on the back to remind guests to leave their feedback on TripAdvisor – and Element 74 made that easy with a strategic, automated email campaign. Today, CCC sees an increase of new guests because of the positive reviews they have seen. See them for yourself here.

#14 Ranking on Trip Advisor before Element 74.
#1 Trip Advisor Ranking after working with Element 74.