Success Story

How Becking Clinic Changed the Weight Loss Game

Dr. Eric Becking and his team have been providing the community with effective weight loss solutions for years. Their clients are happy, their results are astounding, but in the beginning, their staff began to struggle to keep up with their success. Hours were spent each day emailing, calling, or texting clients reminding them to complete their daily weigh-in. As their clinic grew to help more than hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals, they realized a digital solution was a must.

Dr. Becking challenged the Element 74 team to make a responsive web application that would allow his clients to sign in and log their weight and daily food logs; prompting automated reminders if the user forgot to take action. By freeing up the hours and availability of the staff, the Becking team was able to focus all their attention on helping clients reach their goals–and the impact was profound.

“Element 74 helped us design, from scratch, a software that allows all of our weight loss clients to log in and input their weight and food and for us to view that from one screen. They have been so easy to work with and their response times are excellent. The design is so slick and we love it. It is allowing us to take our program to the next level. Thanks team Element 74.”

~ Eric Becking, Owner, The Becking Clinic