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Custom Programming

Cookie cutter solutions may sound quick and easy; but they weren’t created for your specific needs. We’ll work with you to create custom programming that simplifies your current burdens, replaces the countless platforms you use for different tasks and create one core location that runs the entire show. One-and-done.

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Custom Websites

Your business can’t fit into a box, and your website shouldn’t come out of one. At Element 74, we build websites around your needs.

It doesn’t matter if we are redesigning your current site or building from the ground up, we will sit down and determine exactly what you want your website to do and then we’ll make it happen.

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E-Commerce Websites

With E-commerce solutions, you can sell everywhere that your customers are. We work with various payment processors and we can ensure that your products are getting in front of the customers that want them most.

From product searches to final check-out, we will create a seamless user experience that will bring your shoppers back again and again.

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Search Engine Optimization

We don’t have cookie-cutter SEO packages; we have personalized solutions that will bring you tangible results. SEO is a commitment that takes time and individually tailored campaigns.

With our capabilities, you can feel safe knowing we are continually working towards the main objective: getting the right people to your business.

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Success Story

How Becking Clinic Changed the Weight Loss Game

Weight loss is an elusive goal, and helping people reach their targets is a full time job–that’s where the Becking Clinic comes in.

By working with Element 74 to develop a custom program to manage members and their individual weight loss journeys, Dr. Becking and his team were able to spend less time crunching numbers and more time crushing weight loss goals.

By changing their business model, their members saw big changes too–in their results.

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