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Custom Websites

Your business can’t fit into a box, and your website shouldn’t come out of one. At Element 74, we build websites around your needs.

It doesn’t matter if we are redesigning your current site or building from the ground up, we will sit down and determine exactly what you want your website to do and then we’ll make it happen.

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Don’t let mediocre photography bring down the quality of your website. You need high-quality imagery to match the style and individuality of your brand.

We produce photography that tells a story. Whether you need staged product shots, employee photos, or on-location action shots; we can portray your brand or product in the perfect environment.

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Video Production

Do you have a stagnant social media presence? Does your website need more energy or impact?

Engaging content is becoming the standard for any business that wants to quickly and effectively reach more customers online. We can create videos that capture a viewer’s attention, and give them an alternative to reading text.

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Content Creation

The digital marketing landscape is becoming more competitive every day. To truly rise to the top of organic search results and maintain your position, creating useful content is vital.

Our digital strategists specialize in crafting and implementing smart content that will drive valuable leads to your website.

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Logo Design

Choosing the right logo design can be a challenging, intensive process. After all, you’re picking something that is supposed to represent your entire brand.

We know sticking to a logo is a big decision, so we work side-by-side with our designers to make sure your vision is never lost in the process. We can create unique, influential, and modern branding that you’ll want to show off.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Easy viewing on any size screen is now the standard in website design and construction. Not only are search engines ranking your website based on its accessibility, but your audience is too.

With over half of online searches done from mobile devices, it’s never been this important to have a responsive website. Every website we create is fully responsive and will positively reflect your brand on any device.

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Success Story

How the Cape Area Chamber of Commerce did an Online 180

The Cape Area Chamber needed to transform their brand to create an image that matched their goals and forward-thinking mentality. With fresh new branding, the best way to roll it out was with an amazing new website that would excite and involve the community.

We created an online presence that matched the modernized approach of their organization, and established them as industry leaders.

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