The Idea

It all starts with your idea—but then what? All the unknowns of app development can be intimidating. But don’t worry. We have genuine passion for helping entrepreneurs and decades of experiencing navigating the ever-changing ins and outs of building software.

Discovery & Market Analysis

Where the real work begins. We’ll have many conversations about your vision and goals, and then assess the competitive landscape and identify market opportunities. With this shared frame of reference established, we’re better able to position ourselves for a successful launch.

Scope & Business Plan

Scope of Work Time to plot out all the details. We’ll generate a comprehensive scope of work that outlines everything we need to build, how we’re going to accomplish each step, when we’re going to do it, and how much it’s going to cost.

Strategic Goals Even the most well-made app in the world can’t succeed without solid business tactics behind it. As your technical partner, we’ll also lean in on the strategy side of things to ensure your business plan is thoughtful, realistic, and poised to succeed.


Modern users have high expectations—they demand beautifully designed, intuitive interfaces. Our award-winning design and UX/UI teams have a relentless dedication to understanding your userbase and creating a seamless and memorable user experience.


Now all our thoughtful planning really starts to pay off. Our team of talented developers takes
your idea and fully brings it to life as a working product. You’ll get to see demos, and we’ll
work out the kinks through rigorous testing and iterations.

Element 74


The main event-which we like to keep as uneventful as possible. By taking a "soft launch" controlled release approach, we are able to closely monitor the activity of early adopters and fix any potential issues before they're even noticed.

Who We

You know how we work—now get to
know the team a little better.

Let’s Get

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