About Voices for Children SEMO

Voices for Children/CASA volunteers are representatives for children who don’t have someone who is by their side while they are in the foster care system. Their role is vital to the future of foster children in the Southeast Missouri region. They investigate cases, facilitate the delivery of services to children and their families, advocate on behalf of the child to the Court, and monitor the progression of the case until it is resolved.

To Make a Change, You Need to Make a Statement

Prior to working with Element 74, Voices for children had a one-page website that was out of date and barely running. They needed an impactful online presence to attract more community attention, donors and volunteers. With such an amazing mission, we knew they were a great candidate to be one of our pro-bono recipients. We got started on creating a modern, bold website that was as impactful as their mission.

Content Direction

Powerful Messaging

Voices for Children needed more community involvement to keep doing what they do. In order to bring attention to their organization, we needed to create an atmosphere that was inviting, but impactful. We created bold, passionate messaging that spoke to website visitors, sparked their interest in the organization and gave a memorable first impression.

Graphic Design

Youthful Design

This design speaks to every aspect of this organization’s purpose. We chose playful colors and fonts since their focus is on children, but still made the site intuitive and informational. The bold statements and flow of the website gives a strong first impression, and makes it easy to see who VFCSEMO really is.

Website development

Increased Donations

Before their new website, Voices for Children was only accepting physical forms of donation. That meant donors had to either mail or deliver their contribution. With no online or public instruction, if someone wanted to donate items instead of funds, they didn’t really know what they needed. That means wasted money and resources for the organization. We used Paypal to create the option of online payments, and also created a space for donors to reference their current needs.

Team Members

Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Pravin Bhandari Application Developer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance