About Valle Catholic School Foundation

Valle Catholic Schools Foundation aims to raise money for the continuation of the mission of Catholic education at Valle Catholic School in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Their goal is to reach a high level of sustainability for the school, so that children for generations to come are able to receive a Catholic education. It is supported by the community and loyal alumni.

We Are Valle

Valle Catholic School Foundation needed a platform to spread their message and goals for the sustainability and improvement for the schools. They knew their alumni wanted to be more connected, so we built a website and alumni portal to allow for better Foundation communication to the community.

Website Development

A Branded Focus

Valle Catholic School Foundation’s website was built to scream the Valle brand to all visitors. As you land on the website, we made it clear who they are and what their mission is. It features segmented content sections to draw attention to specific messages on each page, and easily navigates users to specific places.

Video Production

Creating ``True Valle Blue``

We created four videos for Valle Catholic Schools Foundation: “We Are Valle”, “True Valle Blue”, “New Initiatives at Valle”, and “Building a Foundation for Success”.

Each video gives the viewers a personal insight at what Valle is like and shows the passion and support of the community. Watch all 4 here.

Content Development

Content for the Valle Community

We work closely with Valle to craft targeted content each and every month and then post it to the foundation’s blog to create stronger Valle advocates and further the foundation’s mission.

We use the blog to tell stories about the students and keep the community updated on everything happening with both the school and the foundation. Then, we also use this content to send monthly emails to foundation members.

Custom Programming

A Growing Alumni Portal

We developed a custom portal for Valle alumni and school advocates to reconnect and receive more information on the foundation. The portal allows people to display their basic information, where they currently live, what “True Valle Blue” means to them, and what they’ve been up to since they’ve graduated.


“As a non profit organization we needed help with all aspects of web design and media messaging. With limited resources we purposefully align ourselves with companies that offer the best value. Element 74 is one of those companies. Toni and Austin walked us through the process from website design concept to helping us clearly and confidently articulate the mission of our Foundation in our videos. They captured the heart of our school – our students, our educators and the mission we all work so hard to promote: Catholic Education. Thank you Element 74!”

Cindy Loida Valle Catholic Schools Foundation

Team Members

Toni Keesee Vice President of Digital Strategy Austin Bollinger Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
Manish Shrestha Director of Software Development
Pravin Bhandari Application Developer
Jessica May Project Manager
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance