About The Rural Health Alliance

The Rural Health Alliance (RHA) is a Purchasing Program that makes it easier and more cost-efficient for medical centers to purchase supplies, train staff members and so much more. Starting in 1996 with 6 hospital members, the program’s goal is to reduce supply chain costs by grouping dollar amounts and maximizing vendor commitment.

Since the beginning, the company has developed and managed regional group purchasing, courier service, emergency preparedness coordination, shared radiology equipment, shared technical staffing, nurse staffing pool, telemedicine, and regional data exchange planning.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

The more members you have in a purchasing program, the more everyone can benefit. The RHA provides purchasing services to over 150 members including hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, long term care, and other non-acute and non-medical customers. They needed a website that matched their success, and spoke to how they were helping providers and the patients they serve.

First Impressions Are First Priority

A lot of trust goes into joining a Purchasing Program, so we wanted to make sure we built an online presence for The RHA that was professional, yet personal. We added a few shades of red to their color palette to liven up the look and feel of their brand, and added imagery that spoke to their partners and prospective customers visiting the site.

Simplicity Equals Opportunity

The less work that goes into running your business, the more time you have to better your business. We make that possible by creating all-encompassing software that is completely custom to your needs. For The RHA, we wanted their new website to replace all of the hoops they were jumping through to manage their members and keep them informed. We created an online portal for their partners to sign into and access important information and made it easy for The RHA to update and maintain the portal for the future.

It’s Personal

The RHA had happy partners, but we wanted everyone to see why. We implemented EasyBlog so they could quickly and easily add weekly blog posts to better show their personality as a brand. We designed a place on the homepage to showcase these posts and to drive users to them to get to know RHA.

Team Members

Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Caleb Neely Application Developer Shehan Perera Compliance and Administrative Manager
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist