About the SEMO District Fair

The SEMO District Fair is a week every Southeast Missourian looks forward to each year. Whether you enjoy watching tractor pulls, the livestock, listening to the concerts or eating your way through Arena park, it’s an event not to miss out on.

All for Fun and Fun for All!

SEMO District Fair came to Element 74 looking for a brand refresh. Their logo was outdated and they needed a website to reflect on the fun atmosphere found at the fair, and to spread the word about events and activities in preparation for the annual event.

Logo Design

New Logo. Same Great Fair.

One thing that we knew for certain: a new logo would be an important first step in redesigning SEMO District Fair’s website. We knew they needed something simple, recognizable and perfect for social media. Our logo designer took a few symbolic elements of the SEMO District Fair and incorporated them into a few logo concepts. In the end, the logo chosen mixes a few classic fonts with the iconic ferris wheel and looks awesome on their new website.

Social Media Integration

Updates from the Fair Grounds

SEMO District Fair was aware of the effect that social media traffic has on bringing people to the fair, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. By featuring the public’s Instagram photos on the Fair’s homepage, the website is continually updated with new content that shows the excitement you can find at the event.

Custom Programming

Up Close and Personal

We built a video gallery into SEMO District Fair’s website, allowing easy uploads and a close look into what happens at the Fair each year. People can go relive past events they enjoyed at the fair or look at what they might’ve missed out on! The video gallery is a great way to showcase all the different things you can find at the fair.