The South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is the statewide coalition of organizations providing intervention services to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. SCCADVASA  stands out as a coalition because of their dedication to educating the public about sexual and domestic violence, to keep it from happening in the first place. As a coalition, they help a countless amount of victims, but they also offer Primary Prevention Programs to students and communities across South Carolina in efforts to end domestic and sexual violence in their state and around the world.

A Fresh Look for A Valuable Mission

SCCADVASA came to us needing a fresh new look that would differentiate them from other coalitions, as well as a more efficient software that would eliminate the countless programs they were using for their daily responsibilities.

We created new, modern branding for SCCADVASA that incorporated colors and styles that are truly unique to their field. South Carolina blue and a rose pink create an authentic identity and presence for their organization.

Coalition Manager Software

Helping More Victims

Coalition Manager is a custom software designed specifically for the daily tasks and reporting that coalitions around the United States generate every day.  Domestic and Sexual Violence organizations have had a long history of using multiple programs and platforms for collecting and recording data that make addressing community needs more difficult. Element 74 created this software to regulate and  coalitions around the United States by providing an efficient and intuitive system to solve this problem.

Logo Design

Demanding Attention & Standing Out

SCCADVASA needed a logo that would stand out from other organizations and stay neutral to all forms of sexual abuse and domestic violence. With a modern, simplistic font style and distinct icon, we created a logo that is notable and memorable.

Easyblog Software

Social Media Makeover

With the countless tasks a Coalition has to achieve in a day, keeping up with social media presence is difficult to say the least. Anything that could make posting content on their social outlets easier would help, and we knew our blog software would do just that. Our updated software creates structured, attractive posts for any social media channel, and all it takes is two clicks.

Team Members

Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer Shehan Perera Compliance and Administrative Manager
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist