About Sacred Space

Sacred Space Ministries uses study materials and retreat opportunities to help people cultivate authentic relationships with God, Self and others in a new way. The website was inspired by a study guide that accompanies popular Christian novel The Shack, and also fills a need for finding retreats and resources.

Looking for More

Before users can connect to a sacred space, they needed an online space to get the resources. Sacred Space Ministries wanted to harness the power of the internet and use it to reach a wider audience of people. With so many programs–like internships, mentoring, retreats, trainings and more–having a website that could be accessed around the country was revolutionary to furthering the Sacred Space mission.


Reaching a New Height

With so many organizations competing for visual and mental space online, attractive and intuitive design is vital to stand out from the crowd. We combined the power of large, spacious images with the calming tones of a deep purple to make a site that is functional but maintains a sacred space in a digital sphere.

Website Development

Finding God Everywhere

You never know when the need to pray will strike. At any point in our daily journeys, there may be a moment when we are in need of guidance. By creating a mobile-friendly, engaging and easy-to-navigate website for Sacred Space Ministries, their staff and users all have the chance to share their message and study materials any time in any place. The digital space opens up even more opportunities for them to share their mission easily and effectively.

Event Management

Gathering Together

Sacred Space Ministries shares their message of healing and holy relationship through many different opportunities. More than just printed or digital study materials, they also put on many events throughout the year. To keep track of these retreats, trainings and internship opportunities, we made sure that events were easy to create on the back-end and easy to find on the front-end.


“Element 74 helped us create a professional, inviting website that communicates our vision perfectly. They were patient with us as we asked many questions throughout the process and expanded our knowledge in how to represent ourselves on the web. When issues came up, they were quick to collaborate, listen well, and find solutions. Austin, Erin and the team worked tirelessly to help meet our launch deadline. I am grateful for their passion, expertise, and ability to take an idea and make it a reality.”

Jo Pincosy Internship Director, Sacred Space Ministries