About Roger Gibson Auto Restoration

Roger GIbson is well-known for the amazing auto restoration he does. His clients range worldwide and he has won countless awards for his work. Along with restoring cars, such as Mopars and Corvettes, he supplies parts for restored cars and ensures the highest quality in every part of his business.

The Best in the Business

Roger Gibson Auto Restoration needed a website to match the attention to detail he gives every vehicle he works on. Since he’s one of the go-to guys in the industry and incredibly in demand, he wanted a website to showcase his abilities. He came to Element 74 wanting a website that could grow along with his business, was mobile-friendly and which provided a platform for him to display the work he’s done.

Website Development

A Mobile Audience

With the rise in mobile users, we knew it was important to think responsively when we were designing Roger Gibson Auto Restoration. We designed this website with a mobile-first strategy, and made sure all design elements and images stacked nicely for an easy mobile experience.

Website Development

A Gallery to Amaze

The most important role of the website was to highlight the quality of work and attention to detail Roger puts into his restorations. We built a gallery which allows Roger to easily upload images of his favorite projects and display them so that people can gaze in awe of the awesome work he does.

Website Development

Navigate with Ease

We discovered people may visit this website for three very distinct reasons: auto restoration, parts supply and for partner Frank Badalson’s work gallery. We wanted to make it easy for users to find what they were looking for, so we created a simple landing page that separates these three user functions into three different mini-websites.

Team Members