About Prodigy Leadership Academy

Prodigy leadership academy is a Christian school who believes in the power of God’s love to shape young hearts and minds for greater purposes. They strive to foster an environment where kids feel free to be themselves and learn safely. The school was created by Russell and Amy Grammer, and has now grown to teach nearly 100 children.

Go Prodigy

Prodigy Leadership Academy needed a fresh brand and a beautiful, engaging website that showcased the mission of their school. The values of Prodigy Leadership Academy include the special ways that Prodigies learn: creativity, tradition and innovation, and critical thinking. They needed a website that captured these values, and we were the right fit because at E74, we strive for those same things.


Creativity Meets Character

The website for Prodigy needed to fill many different needs. Parents and students needed a way to stay up-to-date on all things Prodigy; prospective families needed a glimpse into the Prodigy Way; and staff members needed a place to collect and organize the moving pieces of running an intricate and unique school. Using personalized photography, a visual hierarchy, and a special side module for internal information, including a link to the school management system, Element 74 created a website that met all their needs.


Tradition and Innovation

Inspired by the team at Prodigy Leadership Academy, the new logo pulls together many elements that capture the Prodigy Way. Layers of vibrant color represent the many different people and pieces that make up the Prodigy family. Put together in the form of a leaf as tribute to their previous logo, the largest dot remains at the center to represent God as the center of all. After creating the ideal leaf mark, it was tripled to call to mind the Holy Trinity. The life and energy found in these bright colors and shapes inspired the rest of the site’s design as well, creating the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation in design.