About Old Town Cape, Inc.

Old Town Cape, Inc. is the brains and backbone of the downtown district. Through their outreach and hard work, they empower the residents and merchants of Downtown Cape Girardeau to thrive.

Alive and Thriving

In recent years, the downtown district of Cape Girardeau has undergone a huge overhaul. What once seemed to be only bars and antique shops has exploded into a bustling district of shops, restaurants, and attractions. The life is there–but the reputation was not. In an effort to bring more business and show more people what downtown has to offer, the folks at Old Town Cape, Inc. thought a video would be just the compliment their new website, and show how exciting and versatile Downtown Cape really is.

Putting Pen to Paper

Telling the right story

Every good video starts with a killer concept. When we came to Old Town Cape, they had a vision pretty typical of most video clients. They were hoping to feature a few of the key players downtown talking about what makes the district unique. This tried and true method of talking heads is popular for a reason–it works! But we had another idea, and thankfully, Old Town Cape ran with us. We wanted to show the story of Downtown Cape–not just tell it. Together, we all came up with the perfect storyline: a day in the life downtown and everything you can do there. (Of course, we couldn’t cover everything. These few minutes are just the tip of the iceberg).

Setting the Stage

Location and Talent Scouting

By opting for a dynamic and moving video, instead of static shots, we were able to show a lot more than just the locations we planned. We had the budget to feature 10 businesses, but thanks to some crafty camera work, we planned it in a way that we could use broad shots to show just how many businesses are there. As true testament to how strong the community is, each of the actors was a volunteer, giving up an entire Saturday (and in a few cases, an entire weekend) to light up the screen.

Lights, Camera, Action

Capturing the life of downtown Cape

The filming actually only took place over the course of two days. But the prep and post production work had us putting in long hours to get it exactly right. As with any project, we get so invested ourselves that we’re only too happy to go the extra mile–but it’s an even sweeter victory when it’s local. As a part of Cape Girardeau, we were excited to be a part of a project that shed so much light on such a wonderful part of it. Check out the video here!

Team Members