About Notre Dame Regional High School

Notre Dame Regional High School is a private, Catholic high school in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Their mission is to educate students both academically and spiritually.

A Partnership Years in the Making

Element 74 has worked with Notre Dame for years and when it came time to update their existing website, we took the opportunity to make it as unique as the students who attend such a great school.


Simplified Navigation

Notre Dame provides a plethora of information on their website so visitors can learn all they can about the school. From the school’s mission statement to program details to the student handbook, this website has a lot of information to sort through and it could have been pretty overwhelming. To help minimize the confusion and streamline the landing pages, we created a custom sidebar navigation that automatically minimizes as one scrolls through the page, keeping individual pages clear and easy to read. The navigation also separates information into topics and subtopics with drop down menus to keep everything clean and streamlined.

Custom Development

Secure Donation

Much like a not-for-profit entity, Notre Dame depends on donations and fundraising to sustain their programs. Because of this, we knew Notre Dame’s website needed secure donation forms to make that process easier. We developed forms that asked for information and kept it safe and secure because the only thing more important than giving back to a good cause is knowing that your private information is safe.

Content Development

Visual Content

A high school would be nothing without its students and we wanted to make sure the faces of Notre Dame students enjoying their time at school were the main attractions of this website.  To incorporate as many images as possible while maintaining a streamlined and simple look, we used custom banners for each landing page. These images were relevant to the content on the page, but also captured the student life at Notre Dame. We also used image sliders on a few pages to make sure we could include as many visual elements as we could.

Team Members

Toni Keesee Vice President of Digital Strategy
Carrie Walker Content Strategist | Copywriter
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer
Thusith Wisidagamage Database Administrator (Data Security)
Chris Behnken Vice President of Software Development and Chief Technical Officer
Steven Sebastian Application Developer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance
Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Jessica May Project Manager