About New Madrid County Schools

New Madrid, MO is a tiny city with a big heart. They go above and beyond to make their students feel special and excited to be going to their schools. Once this new initiative was set, the whole district hit the ground running: Offering laptops to students in 5th grade and higher, running amazing before and after school programs and going the extra mile to connect with families and students of the area. It was about time that NMC Schools got a website that showed their passion and effort!

Who’s got spirit?

NMC Schools were doing all they could to keep student moral and attendance on the rise, while uniting the community and getting them involved with the district. The best way to do that? Create a spirited, inviting online presence that made their dedication to New Madrid students and amazing mission known!

Website Development

Online Transformation

New Madrid Schools went from having a static website with minimal insight, to an exciting presence with personality and an inviting spirit! Not only is the design bright and engaging, but it drives users to want to know more about the school and their students. It gives the district credit they deserve for their efforts with their core principles and overall moral.

Custom Development

Community Engagement

An important element that New Madrid was lacking was excitement and enthusiasm from the community. By integrating with the school’s Google calendars to display upcoming events and utilizing the blog for announcements, the online engagement for this district went through the roof. They are now surrounded by a community that is informed, but more importantly, aware of what all they do for their students!

Content Development

Student Stimulation

NMC Schools needed more excitement and involvement from their students. The new website was the perfect way to keep them up to date on extracurricular activities, and also to highlight individual students to keep them engaged and passionate about being an NMC student.

Team Members