About Nationwide Prescription Connection

Nationwide Prescription Connection (NPC) is an advocate for anyone unable to afford prescription medication. There are many patient assistance programs out there to help with high prescription costs, but NPC makes it easier and more accessible. They now offer an online registration process that takes you step by step, and even offers video instruction to insure user comprehension. NPC saves patients valuable time by providing them with only the programs they have a high chance of qualifying for, and gives detailed instruction on how to apply for them; eliminating the guesswork out of applying, and the endless amount of programs that applicants don’t qualify for.

Connecting and Building Trust Nationwide

Businesses such as Nationwide Prescription Connection are constantly competing with other programs that claim to offer the same money saving opportunities. The problem is, most of these programs are fake or scams, which puts a bad impression on the entire field. We needed to create an online presence that not only gained trust and confidence from their audience, but provided the knowledge they needed to understand what they would receive from the program once accepted.

Logo Design

Fresh & Modern Rebrand

NPC called for an image facelift; they needed a rebrand strategy that updated their look and gave it a welcoming, positive and energetic first impression to their audience. We transformed their existing color scheme into a bright trio of blues and orange, and created an icon type of look that would be easily recognized.

Website Development

Smart Design

For the website design and functionality, we knew the site had to be three things: Welcoming, easy to navigate and informative enough for first time visitors. We started by mapping out (wireframing) the entire website to create the best user flow possible, and to touch on everything a visitor should know about NPC. Once the wireframe was finalized, we moved on to design a fresh, modern logo and introduce a bright new color palette along with it. The identity of the brand transformed from slightly impersonal to trustworthy and individualized. We designed their new website around the style and character of their new online presence by using relevant imagery and engaging layout.

Custom Programming

Sign Up in Style

Something that could discourage any type of user is a difficult signup process. We worked with NPC to organize and simplify their signup process by creating a software from the ground up. We split up the enrollment process into steps, and embedded individual help videos to explain each step in depth to insure user comprehension.

Video Production

Visual Guidance

NPC had three areas they wanted to drastically improve within their company. They wanted to humanize the brand, create a trust factor with their audience and make the signup process as easy as possible. With an overview video that gave an introduction to the company, and individual step-by-step videos for the signup process, we were able to achieve just that. The overview video answered common questions, explained how they are different and put a face to the company. The animated step-by-step videos are displayed on each phase of the signup process, and keep applicants on the right path.

Search Engine Optimization

Captivating the Right Audience

Due to the competitive nature of their field, NPC is a perfect candidate for an organic SEO campaign. We work to improve their website’s rating and trust value, while getting it seen by the most valuable audience possible. With other tactics such as call tracking techniques, link building and SEO sitemapping, we are constantly working toward their organic success.