About Napa Pain Institute

Just one of several clinics under the Spectrum Care Group, the Napa Pain Institute, located in Napa Valley, CA, is committed to the health and healing of people in all walks of life experiencing chronic pain.

The People's Website

Many industries have very specific audiences, but for someone like the Napa Pain Institute, their patients span all different ages, abilities, and even locations. Chronic pain can affect anyone–and does affect many people every day. They needed a website that is simple to use, easy to navigate, and provides quick answers and solutions to people’s pain.

Information Overload

Deciding How to Organize

Perhaps the greatest challenge we faced when it came to the Napa Pain Institute site was the amount of information necessary. They specialize in such a vast array of pain management that a page per treatment would have been user overload, but a list would have had the same affect. Even though we know that, thanks to the rise of mobile technology, users are accustomed to a long scroll, the absence of a hierarchy meant we wanted to showcase multiple treatments at once. Thus, the blue box grid was born. Users can view and select multiple blue boxes for more information and downloads.

Designing for the Masses

Creating a Specialized Secondary

For many of our sites, the secondary pages all follow a similar layout to one another. In this case, there was a special client request for a secondary page that featured a slider of steps for new patients. The result was a seamless sharing of information to new patients leading them into the new patient coordinator.

Team Members

Erin Miller Project Manager
Jessica May Project Manager
Shehan Perera Compliance and Administrative Manager Achila Ramanayake Network Administrator Devon Edmonds Project Manager
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist
Thusith Wisidagamage Developer