About N3 Laboratories

N3 Labs helps physicians and providers ensure they are safely prescribing medication to patients with chronic pain by providing urine drug testing using state of the art technology and clear reporting.

Nationwide Reach

N3 Labs helps medical facilities all over the country. They were in need of a way to reach a nation of medical clinics and give those users an opportunity to quickly and easily opt into their testing services. N3 Laboratories needed a website that would serve as an educational tool and one that would build trust and confidence in providers looking for advanced urine drug testing and consulting in the subscribing for chronic pain field.

Explaining The N3 Process

An Interactive Slider Steps You Through

An effortless package plan was compiled by N3 so that their clients could get the services they needed in an efficient and easy to navigate process. We helped N3 explain this process by splitting the steps up on an interactive slider, so potential clients could click through step by step and more easily understand how the typical customer experience works.

Enrolling Online

Website Form Brings in Clients

One of the most valuable tools that we built for N3 labs is their Enrollment Form. This online form allows interested clients to take the next step and sign up for N3’s services directly on their website!

Designing N3

Their Website Feels Like Them!

From the colors, to the crisp, clean layout, N3 was so excited with how the look and feel of the website truly represents who they are as a company. The concise design and copy emote the feelings of a professional, direct and reliable medical company which is exactly how N3 wanted to go about building initial trust online. Your website is very often the first place a customer “enters” your business, and N3 is very excited about how customers enter theirs online.