About Missouri Rice Council

The Missouri Rice Council is an organization created by and for Missouri rice farmers, which provides resources and promotes research and ongoing conservation efforts. They want to ensure people who consume Missouri Rice products are happy and proud of the food they eat and where it came from.

Putting MO Rice on the Map

Missouri Rice Council came to Element 74 needing an online presence. With an important goal, we wanted to be able to tell the public about what they do and drive attention to it. We knew all their information needed to be displayed in an organized manner and that they needed a platform to tell people about their resources and educational opportunities.

Website Design

Pleasing to the Eye

Missouri’s farmland is a beauty in itself, so in creating this website, we knew we needed to nail the design and capture the essence of the Missouri Rice Council, so we did so with natural colors, simple shapes and great imagery.

Content Development

Information Where You Need It

Missouri Rice Council provides many resources and educational opportunities to the public, so we built a place for it on their website for users to easily find. Here, pamphlets and even lesson plan guides are stored to allow for deeper education on Missouri Rice.


A Place for Updates

Missourians and other people in the industry who are interested can visit the blog we built for Missouri Rice Council. They can post updates on the fly to keep people up-to-date with the latest industry information and easily search other news and resources here.

Team Members

Darren Burgfeld Copywriter and Project Manager
Kyle Adams Lead Application Support Engineer
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer Achila Ramanayake Network Administrator
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance