About Missouri Delta Medical Center

Missouri Delta Medical Center (MO Delta, for short) is located in Sikeston, MO and sees to the proper care and medical attention of the majority of the Southeast Missouri region.

A Medical Website

At Element 74, we’ve done our fair share of medical websites, and each one is a totally unique experience. MO Delta was our first multi-location hospital website and we were up for the challenge and excited to see what we could learn on the job. And we learned a lot.

Creating Custom Functions

Find a Doctor

Patients are able to search online to find a specific doctor and get their specialties and contact information. But perhaps the coolest part of this functionality is a user’s ability to enter in their pain point and find a physician that specializes in that type of treatment.

Special Side Nav

Navigating the Services

For an all-inclusive medical center, the list of offerings is extensive. To create a better user experience, we opted out of a drop-down navigation and instead utilized a stylized sidebar navigation across the secondary page. Users can find everything they need on the site from any page using a combination of the main and secondary navigation.

Patient Portal

Utilizing 3rd Party Services

The scope of what Missouri Delta is able to offer their patients online is vast–including a variety of different digital solutions for checking appointments, reserving prescriptions, and even paying their bills online. Through a portal page and strategic drop downs outside of the sidebar navigation, we integrated links to these external services without too much impact on the user experience.