About Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society

Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society (MABS) is made up of regional biofeedback and neurofeedback professionals. They promote the advancement of their industry and provide resources to members for the exchange of ideas, methods, referrals, and research of applied biofeedback. They focus on continuing education for members through various events and biannual conferences.

Connecting Patients and Professionals

Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society is a group of innovative professionals who are continually moving the industry forward, and needed a website that reflected that. They also needed their website to be a place where professionals could learn about and register for events, and where the regional public could find a provider, so we built them the functionality to do it all.

Website Development

A Clear Message

“Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society” sparks questions for many about who the organization is and what they might do. At Element 74, we wanted to answer those questions for anyone who may visit the website, and did so in the wireframing phase by developing an infographic that explains the process of biofeedback. We put it right on the homepage, underneath statements that tell users exactly who Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society is. They can then choose to visit a few pages laid out with clean information to find out more.

Custom Programming

A Searchable Solution

Many potential patients are coming to Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society’s website to find a local provider in the field, and many industry professionals are looking for other professionals to collaborate and solve problems with. We built a custom, searchable provider directory which allows users to search by name and location to easily find providers they are looking for.

Payment Processing

Registration Made Easy

Perhaps Mid-Atlantic Biofeedback Society’s most important benefit is its regional conferences, which are held biannually. These feature presenters and networking events for students and professionals looking to continue their education. We created an online registration form and linked all payment options to PayPal for easy registration and payment processing. Everything being in one place for registration makes for less confusion and more registrations.

Team Members

Jessica May Project Manager
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance