About Maria Regina

Maria Regina Residences is a care facility in New York, celebrating their 50th anniversary. Maria Regina is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY.

Sharing the Love

One of many care communities in New York, Maria Regina Residence was in need of a way to showcase why their care is so different than the others. Tradition paired with compassion is a vital part of their mission, and they wanted a website that showed their loving side as well as their high qualification in care standards.

Location, Location, Location

Battling a Reputation

When we began to work with Maria Regina, one of their primary concerns was addressing the reputation of their neighborhood. Throughout other districts of New York, Brentwood has become known as a last choice in residential living. However, Maria Regina proudly offers a safe, calm, and cozy abode–away from the stresses of anything else. Our website design was created with warm colors and calm images to represent the true experience of Maria Regina.

Audience Awareness

Making the Website Work for You

One of the neatest features of this website is admittedly a small one. A sticky font magnifier glides along the side of each page. Because our audience primarily consists of an older demographic, we wanted the user experience to be as easy, friendly, and intuitive as possible.