About Heart for Africa

Heart for Africa is a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Swaziland. Their mission is to serve the children of the country by providing shelter, nutrition, education, and most of all, love. Heart for Africa operates a 2,500 acre farm called Project Cannan that provides food and employment to the area and provides a home for the 180 children they serve.

A Truly Unique Experience

Heart for Africa is an organization that is close to our hearts. We have worked with this organization and supported their mission for years finding that their mission has touched all of us in different ways. Working with this organization not only provides us the ability to exercise our creativity but also gives us the chance to serve an organization that has served so many. It’s truly a unique experience.

Content Development

Telling the Story

Heart for Africa has a unique and special story and we knew the content on the site had to tell that story. We worked with our clients to fully understand their mission, history and their heart and tried to put that into the website with original content that inspires visitors to help and really captures the heart of Heart for Africa.

Custom Development

Secure Donation Options

Heart for Africa depends on the kindness of others to survive and help the children in their care. To sustain their service, they depend on donations from the people who view their website and believe in their mission. Because of this, their website had to have a number of secure data entry forms for people to submit their donations online. Throughout the site, there are a few places to donate, placed in locations with specific program descriptions so potential donors know where their money is going. These forms allow for donations to be submitted and processed easily and securely.

Team Members

Kyle Adams Lead Application Support Engineer
Chris Behnken Vice President of Software Development and Chief Technical Officer
Darren Burgfeld Copywriter and Project Manager
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance
Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Steven Sebastian Application Developer