About Habitat for Humanity

There’s a big chance you’ve already heard about Habitat for Humanity within your community; it’s a team of employees and volunteers that make it possible for low-income families to own their own home. And this isn’t just a giveaway; these families have to help build their new home, partner with Habitat for Humanity as well as volunteer in other ways within the organization to “earn” the residence.

Once the house is built and “sweat equity” is put in by the homeowners, the keys are handed over to the deserving family to personally own and enjoy! With an existing initiative so great, it’s hard to believe that Cape Area Habitat for Humanity is taking their aspirations a step further. With their dedication to growth within the community and extra efforts with their home supplies/furniture shop, ReStore, they are on their way to becoming legendary partners to Habitat for Humanity.

A Site to Match the Mission

Cape Area Habitat took an already incredible organization and made it even better by adding to their initiative in more ways than one. Not only did they increase their goals of new homes and money raised, but they put their heart and souls into their new adventure; Habitat ReStore. Their organization needed a website that showed their dedication, made it easy to inform the public and attracted volunteers.

Hard to Ignore

When coming up with design concepts for Cape Area Habitat’s new site, the first thing that came to mind was BOLD. We wanted an online presence that would give a show-stopping, must-see appeal to anyone visiting the site. With bright brand colors and clear call-to-actions, we were able to catch users attention, and make them want to find out more about the vision Habitat has for the future.

Come One, Come All

With all of their new efforts, Cape Area Habitat deserved an online presence that would get them more volunteers to make their new goals reality. The best way to do that? Make volunteering easy to signup for, make details easy to find and create a space where volunteers can see exactly what they’re signing up for. We created a volunteer module that did all of those things in one. Volunteers can see what kind of projects are available and when, and easily signup in one section of the site.

The Faces Behind the Effort

When you’re in the nonprofit world, being active and well-known in the community can decide the fate of your organization. With such great people behind this initiative, we wanted them to be front and center to attract even more local support. With imagery of staff and volunteers along with consistent blog updates, anyone could see the determination and heart that this organization was running on.

Team Members

Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Erin Miller Project Manager
Austin Bollinger Vice President of Business Development Pravin Bhandari Application Developer
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance