About Downtown Cape Girardeau

The downtown district is thriving and full of new, exciting things to do. From shops to events to unique restaurants and more, there really is something for everyone in town to find.

A Modern Website

Downtown has taken off so rapidly that in the last five years, it has undergone almost an entire transformation. They needed a website with a modern look and feel that accurately reflects all it has to offer.

The New Branding

Matching The Look

Downtown Cape Girardeau underwent a rebrand in 2015, and we were lucky enough to implement it into their new website. The colors are vibrant and exciting, and the look is fresh and modern. Paired with the unique style that downtown offers anyway, there was no way this whole project couldn’t be a hit!

I want to . . .

Determining the Audience

There truly is something for everyone downtown, so we needed to be aware of all those unique users. By implementing the “I want to . . .” drop down navigation at in the banner image, we were able to anticipate multiple needs and reasons for coming to the site. Each option in the drop down was created based off of a persona of the various visitors to the downtown district.

Downtown Features

Spotlighting the Best

One of the coolest parts of this website is the People of Downtown CG spotlight. People are invited to nominate their friends who live, work, play, or just support the downtown district. Since Downtown Cape is such a tight-knit community, this celebration of its members is the perfect feature for their website!

Video Production

Downtown Cape Live in Action

How do you capture the essence of a place as dynamic and alive as Downtown Cape? You show it up close and personal. Using real people from our Cape community, real businesses, and a real sunny day (yay!) we were able to tell the story of Downtown Cape Girardeau as it really is–full of life, energy, and activity. Read more about the project here or see behind the scenes here.