About Christopher Columbus Condos

Christopher Columbus Condos is an island oasis in Grand Cayman. Known for privacy, gorgeous views, and a friendly staff, the condos have a reputation for loyal guests who choose the destination over and over for their vacations. Christopher Columbus Condos offers 30 ocean or garden view condos right on the sandy Seven Mile Beach.

Welcome Home to Grand Cayman

It’s not difficult to sell such a beautiful destination to vacationers, but Christopher Columbus Condos was in need of a website to attract guests and show off their amenities and stunning location. After launching their website, they discovered it was time to upgrade their reservations system, which was incredibly difficult to use. We took their existing software and transformed it into a system that makes booking condos a breeze.

Website Development

A Flexible Experience

We wanted to design this website with every visitor in mind. Of course we want users to book a condo through the website, but we want to cater to someone looking for information about the island or even some pretty pictures just as well. We Made it easy for visitors to find local information, view the condos as well as book them, directly from the website homepage. The beautiful design and scenery of the website gives each visitor that special island-feel that they are sure to fall in love with.

Local SEO

#1 on Local Search

Through an organic Search Engine Optimization campaign and endless amounts of great content, we helped Christopher Columbus Condos climb out of their deep ranking of 37 in search engine results to the number one local spot – a coveted position for a travel destination.

Custom Programming

Increased Bookings

We revamped Christopher Columbus Condos’ existing booking software which had a complicated and unpleasant interface that resulted in a frustrating booking process and, in some cases, lost bookings.

Now, their online booking process is as user-friendly as it is pleasing to the eye, and it continues to improve the number of reservations made monthly. Check it out here.

Digital Marketing

Fantastic Impressions

We manage and use Christopher Columbus Condos’ Facebook page to share photos of the property and beach to remind people why it is a favorite destination, and encourage new people to look at the website. We’ve left fantastic impressions on our Facebook followers, and have increased page likes by 700 in just a year.

Email Marketing

Outstanding Results

We manage Christopher Columbus Condos’ email marketing by sending monthly newsletters featuring targeted content to an invested audience, travel tips to upcoming guests, and emails requesting TripAdvisor reviews (which you can read more about here). These all have excellent open and click-through rates and have resulted in more bookings, reviews, and a growing email list.

Video Production

Condos Come to Life

It’s not hard to picture yourself on a beach, but it may be a little less natural to know what it’s like inside a certain condo or hotel. Sometimes pictures just aren’t enough; we wanted to put users inside the CCC condos so they would fall even more in love with the property. Our video production specialist got to work and filmed/edited every condo in a walk-through style, so users can feel like they’re already there.

Logo Design

Building a Brand

CCC has a beautiful ocean view, perfectly positioned condos and a culture-rich island covered; they didn’t need us for that. What they needed was a consistent, trustworthy image for their brand that did it justice. We dove right in, and came up with a fun, but professional look for the condos.


“ ‘WOW’ was the unanimous feedback from all 30 owners of Christopher Columbus Condos when the new website was launched! The website far exceeded our wildest dreams. It is simply stunning – the place, people and key features/forthcoming events are conveyed through fabulous pictures, a blog and multiple social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Tripadvisor. Bookings can be made at the simple click of a button. We chose Element 74 to do the job based on the unique set of skills its team brings to the table – designers, website developers and project managers who worked in a friendly, interactive, responsive and professional manner with our website development committee under the leadership of Toni Eftink our project manager and Chris Edmonds, the CEO. A great note of thanks to all. Element 74 is definitely where you want to go to build your website!”

Catherine Michaud Condo Owner & Web-Committee Lead

Team Members

Toni Keesee Vice President of Digital Strategy
Chris Behnken Vice President of Software Development and Chief Technical Officer
Rebekah Corbitt Project Manager
Cindy Knebel Project Manager
Manish Shrestha Director of Software Development
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer Pravin Bhandari Application Developer
Shehan Perera ADA Compliance Manager
Kyle Adams Lead Application Support Engineer
Austin Bollinger Chief Operations Officer
Chris Edmonds President and Chief Executive Officer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance
Achila Ramanayake Network Administrator
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist