Real Results for Real Life.

Becking Clinic is a weight loss solution built around real life. Dr. Eric Becking and his wife Chantelle saw a need for an all-natural answer to weight loss that would lead their clients to lasting, positive results. And they made it happen. Their weight loss clinic is wildly successful–and so are their clients.

Living Better.

When Dr. Becking came to Element 74, he was looking for a way to combine the ease of the digital age with the ease of his program. The program was perfect and his clients were seeing great results, but with the right custom program, this incredible solution could be better for everyone involved. And we’re so glad we got to be a part of it!

Website Development

A Flexible Experience

The problem with weight loss is that there are a million reasons not to do it. By creating a program that makes it easy and has personal guides, Dr. Becking eliminated a huge obstacle. But with that one out of the way, another came into play: a website with the right user experience. If the program is easy, but accessing it or tracking your results is difficult, there’s the “out” that people are looking for. So we created a simple website designed with the user in mind. Users can log into the website and track their own weight loss journey.

Custom Programming

Easy Tracking

The customized user portal makes it easier to lose weight by making it simple to track everything. Because most people don’t just sit and eat at their computers, it was important that this site be mobile friendly. Now from wherever they are, users can track their own progress by completing a daily weigh in, logging their food, and they can even message the Becking staff with specific questions. One of our favorite features is the automated reminder, alerting users when they have forgotten to check in for the day.

Custom Programming

Convenient Settings

Before Becking Clinic teamed up with Element 74, the Becking staff was using valuable hours a day to follow up with clients, and going through painstaking manual records to keep track of who had completed their daily weigh-in or needed assistance in their process. Thanks to the automated custom software, the staff is now freed up to spend their time helping even more people reach their weight loss goals, and the users are in control of their own journey, too.


“Element 74 helped us design, from scratch, a software that allows all of our weight loss clients to log in and input their weight and food and for us to view that from one screen. They have been so easy to work with and their response times are excellent. The design is so slick and we love it. It is allowing us to take our program to the next level. Thanks team Element 74.”

Dr. Eric Becking Owner, Becking Clinic

Team Members

Austin Bollinger Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
Manish Shrestha Director of Software Development
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance