About Adult & Teen Challenge Mid-America

Adult & Teen Challenge Mid-America (ATCMA) is a long-term faith-based program that aids men who are struggling with drug, alcohol, or other addictions. They are part of a larger, worldwide network of centers and focuses on three areas: spiritual, academic, and vocational. They aim to help men build a strong foundation of character and faith.

Reaching out to men in need

ATCMA needed an updated platform to tell the public about their inspiring services. This would allow more traffic to the website and an increased number of informed people to refer to ATCMA when they know someone struggling with life-controlling addiction. They needed a platform for donations, inquiries, and to inform people of their additional services and events, so we built their website to do it all.

Website Development

Organized Information

ACTMA offers so many services, such as a Car Wash, Thrift Store and Lawn Care. They wanted the local public to be able to see why they should use these services, and offer any additional information people may be looking for, so we organized this information on their homepage and within the pages of the website. Along with their services, the ACTMA website provides a list of commonly asked questions about their program so that people with questions can get answers quick.

Payment Processing

Donations are Simple

We built a donation form right into the ACTMA website so that anyone that wanted to could easily donate. The best part? We made it responsive, so people can donate right from their phone. The form integrates with Authorize.net and securely processes payments within seconds.

Team Members

Jessica May Project Manager
Caleb Neely Full Stack Developer Steven Sebastian Junior Developer
Alex Guard Senior Support Supervisor and Quality Assurance
Aja Reutzel Support Specialist