About 180 Healthcare

180 Healthcare offers a concierge medicine solution to the always-changing healthcare options, in addition to a gym membership. Members of this unique healthcare service have access to office visits, prescription medication, and a local gym all within the umbrella of one fee. This business model reflects the changing way that people are approaching their health.

A Total 180

When 180 Healthcare came to us, their idea was still in the early stages of development. They didn’t have branding or a website, but they had a unique idea with the potential to be revolutionary. Throughout the process of designing their logo and building their site, we collaborated a lot on the best experience for users, visitors, and members. The more the business took shape, the more the website was able to reflect the individual needs of each part of 180 Healthcare. We were able to successfully create a website that will be able to easily keep growing and changing with the business.

Standing Out from the Crowd

180 Healthcare’s business model is unique–but not entirely. As the idea of concierge medicine gets more and more popular, we knew we would need to position 180 Healthcare as a healthcare solution that would remain a cut above the rest whether they have one competitor or twenty. This notion drove the UX, from fresh design to one seamless process.

Putting Health in Your Hands

This website is beautiful on mobile. We design and build all our sites with mobile experience in mind, but some industries have more mobile traffic than others. For these users, they’ll be able to get information and pricing on the go. Wherever they encounter, 180 Healthcare–through a billboard, signage on one of the locations, or even a conversation–users can learn everything they need to know instantly.

Perfecting the Sign Up Process

Getting the sign-up process to be just right was a feat that took many, many rounds of revision. Through a lot of testing, building, breaking, rebuilding, more testing, and research we finally ended up with a flawless sign-up process for all new members of 180 Healthcare.