Toni Keesee

Vice President of Digital Strategy
What do you love about being part of the Element 74 team?

We are such a family here, and we’re all are really passionate about our work! Everyone here really cares about each other and we want to see each other succeed.

What’s the best part of your role at Element 74?

I have been blessed with the honor to help our project managers grow and improve. My ultimate goal is to help them achieve extreme pride in their work and to help them reach their seriously amazing potential. It’s exciting to be surrounded by such talented people and humbling to know that my responsibility is to help them improve. This inspires me to be better every day, so that I can live up to the task.

Favorite project you’ve been a part of so far?

Oh gosh, that is a tough one, because there have been so many great projects and each relationship we’ve developed with each client has been near and dear to my heart, but I would have to say Christopher Columbus Condos and not just because they are in the Cayman Islands. ; ) They were the first client that we worked with on a comprehensive digital marketing retainer, and went out on a limb so to speak as our pilot project with the full gamut of services including social media management, video, blogging, email marketing, search engine optimization and website development and management. Seeing their faith in us pay off for them over the past 4 years has been incredibly rewarding. In 2016 alone, their Return on Investment with our services was 231%, and that makes me really proud.

Sum up our E74 culture in one word.


(Kind of a made up word, but I hope that’s ok. : ) Basically, I think we all have very similar visions to having an amazing workplace and accomplish great things together, so it’s a co-visionary environment.)