Shehan Perera

ADA Compliance Manager
What do you love about being part of the Element 74 team?

Over the years, we managed to keep everyone connected to reflect us towards “Work Family” environment. That means nobody is left behind. Lately, we got more employees on board and almost doubled our staff since I joined, but I feel that we still try to maintain that core concept.
Also, having the opportunity to meet clients representing different organizations and participating on events as an E74 team member is always great experience. Of course, we had our fair-share of ups & downs, disagreements, arguable discussions, but at the end of the day, somehow we managed to stood up as a team.

What’s the best part of your role at Element 74?

Being able to see through website development process from wireframe design until finished product is simply amazing.

Us being a small company allowed me to be in different situations. Working as a cross-functional team member wearing different hats to adopt towards achieving goals which is extremely challenging but it provides that uniqueness that made me prepared to always accept the unexpected outcomes.

Favorite project you’ve been a part of so far?

With my current stint, I was lucky to work on 100+ website projects. I loved every project that I got involved with no matter how large or small scaled. When working on them, I always try to give my 110% whether I have to work endless hours or sometimes dealing with stressful deadlines.

At the end of the day, I can certainly say I did everything possible to make every project successful.

Sum up our E74 culture in one word.