Linda Schreiner

Accounts Manager
What do you love about being part of the Element 74 team?

Everything. I have been with E74 for fourteen years, but it sure has not felt like fourteen years.  I love what I do and the relationships that have been built within our staff or through our customer base. Element 74 is my passion. I literally live and breathe this company. I look forward to coming to work every day.

What’s the best part of your role at Element 74?

I really like what I do. My favorite area is accounts receivable. I have always enjoyed working with numbers.

Favorite project you’ve been a part of so far?

Since my area is accounting for the whole company, I get to touch every project through invoicing. I honestly don’t have a favorite. I feel like they are all equally important from my standpoint of a CFO.  Overall, seeing the finished product and making sure the clients are proud of their website is my primary goal.

Sum up our E74 culture in one word.