So many of the marketing and website managers that we talk to every day are overwhelmed by the technology they have to keep up with, even their own website.

They are unable to manage their own website’s content, add new pages, or even update existing content. Keeping your website up-to-date and your content current is no small undertaking, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to manage your website, your way. We have solutions for your business website that are dependent on your organization’s needs. Putting the content management power in your hands is important to us. At Element 74, we build all of our websites by incorporating a user-friendly content management system that gives you the power to easily add, remove, and change your content–everything from copy to images to events.

In response to a universal need for an easier solution to website management, the Element 74 programmers have developed our own content management system, EasyPost®, with the user in mind. We incorporate EasyPost into most of our websites. With EasyPost, your website will have a completely custom design and you’ll be able to add new pages with the click of a button. And because it’s our content management software, we are passionate about making improvements to it as digital technology advances and we learn more about the needs of our users.

We also offer a WordPress option as a content management system solution to many of the websites we build, especially for clients who may be more familiar with WordPress and comfortable with the functionality and plugins they’ve been using.

With every website we develop, we make sure to give our clients an in-depth training of the content management system behind the website, so that you are confident in managing your own online content.

We’ll teach you how to add blog posts, edit your content, and even add and remove pages and menu items. Our goal is to simplify the content management experience on your website. Let’s talk about ways to make managing your content management easier and more efficient.