Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website Development - Element 74

We are in the age of portable technology; smartphones and tablets make it possible to have the capabilities of a computer in your bag or even your back pocket. With half of all website traffic coming from these devices, it’s more important now than ever before to make sure your website adapts seamlessly to any size screen, and provides the best user experience possible.

That’s why every website we design and develop is fully responsive. Responsive web design allows a website to adjust and conform to any browser or device, and is the preferred method by every major search engine.

Someone viewing your website from their smartphone or tablet needs more than a mobile friendly design, they need a completely different user experience than someone using a laptop. That’s where responsive functionality comes in; it detects the screen resolution it’s being accessed on, and will change anything from the design to the menu structure to make it easier for users to maneuver through the site and get to the information they need.

With user experience aside, making your site responsive is now a vital asset to your SEO efforts. Responsive websites are becoming the new normal, and it’s not a secret that Google and other search engines prefer it over separate mobile friendly sites. Before, you could still rank fairly high with a non-optimized site, but those days are coming to an end. Now, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have independent algorithms for mobile searches; meaning if a site has a high search engine ranking on desktop search, but doesn’t have a responsive website, they may not show up on a smartphone search at all. Read more about that on our blog.

Having a responsive site has many benefits, like user engagement, happier visitors, and better digital reputation; but by far, the most important benefit is search performance. A responsive site will perform better in search rankings and provide a better user experience for your customers; two deciding factors that could be the difference between you and your competitor. At Element 74, we don’t just create websites that will “work” on any screen, we create websites that are strategically designed to impress anyone viewing your website, no matter what device they use to access it.

Worried that your website is getting lost in the mobile-friendly world?As your demographic shifts from a desktop generation to a mobile one, we’ll make sure your website makes the shift, too. Let’s get started.