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When most people hear “design” they picture artwork and assume that design primarily relates to being visually pleasing or attractive.

An attractive, modern look is very important for a website or any marketing material, but graphic design serves a greater purpose to the user experience. Good design extends to everything from logo to color choice and navigation.

The appearance of your website needs to be designed with your audience in mind–where will they look, how will they know what to click, what will make them want to continue exploring your site? These questions are vital to good graphic design, and that’s why graphic design is about more than artwork but also strategy. When our team starts on your website, we will create a blueprint that reflects all these things.

When the blueprint (also called a wireframe) goes to design, the designer understands the strategy and will choose colors, sizes, shapes, and layouts that reflect everything your users needs.

We make sure every page on your website is of the highest design quality so that no matter where your user lands, they see a great-looking page. Most importantly, all websites are designed and programmed to be responsive. This means that your website will look good no matter what device you are viewing it from, and the view will adjust according to the size of your device. More than 60% of users are viewing sites on mobile now, and that makes a big difference in how we design for audience. In fact, we’ll design longer pages great for scrolling, instead of the traditional multiple tabs for clicking and page loading.

If you’re an established brand, we will work from right where you are because consistency in branding is as important as the design itself. We use your existing branding to guide all of our decisions in how the website is designed. If you’re starting from the ground up, we offer logo development as a part of website design. Learn more about it here.

Your website should reflect the best parts of your business. If you’re feeling inspired for a design refresh, get in touch today.