Content Marketing Strategy and Content Creation - Element 74

Traditional marketing practices can’t keep up with the fast-paced world we now live. Potential customers now ignore much of the aggressive advertising they see. It’s no longer all about pitching products and services to anyone who will listen; you have to provide useful, compelling content to a targeted audience.

This is where developing a strong content marketing strategy comes in.

Almost everyone researches something before they buy it, and that’s your chance to market yourself as the perfect choice for that product or service. Today’s consumer wants to be heavily informed but but doesn’t respond well to direct sales techniques. Effective content will help you establish relationships and brand loyalty with your consumers. It’s winning them over by showing your expertise and gaining their trust instead of simply informing them of why you’re the best at what you do. Good content also gives your website a personal touch that leaves visitors with a lasting impression of who you really are.

Content marketing generates a consistent stream of organic SEO results for your website. When using ads, PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and other sales methods, it gets you more website activity, but doesn’t help with how your site organically ranks in search engines. Content marketing will fill your website with the fresh, useful content that search engines are looking for; making your SEO efforts consistent and productive.

Many companies find that effective content marketing can be an overwhelming task with too many moving parts: It’s delivery needs to be consistent, the content has to be valuable and relevant to customers, and ultimately, gain conversions. To win at the content game you need a skilled content partner. That’s where our content strategy experience and knowledge come into the mix. We deliver proven content strategies that will stay true to your brand voice, and get you the conversion boost you need by improving your overall digital presence.

We can help your business harness the power of a content marketing strategy by making your website an information powerhouse that excites your website visitors. Contact us and let’s get started!