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If you’ve ever bought something because a friend recommended it, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, you’re in the majority.

A recent report showed that 84% of people trust word-of-mouth more than every other form of advertising. And because of the growing popularity of forum-style discussion online, a trustworthy recommendation no longer has to come from people you know personally. Buyers now are more inclined than ever to trust strangers if the forum is credible. More than 50% of buyers trust online reviews from other people, even if they don’t know them.

This is great news for your video marketing efforts. Commercials or sales videos aren’t the only way you can make the most of this powerful digital media tool. Featuring happy customers in video testimonials will cultivate a sense of ownership among existing customers, creating an emotional connection.

The Power of Faces

Testimonials are powerful because they give your business an identity. How could a face sell a product better than the actual product? As people, we’re most likely to connect with elements that we see ourselves in. As a business owner, you want your potential clients to identify with a happy, satisfied person (the benefit) more than the product. And even though you may not be showcasing a product, the quality rules of online video advertising apply to video testimonials, too.

Video testimonials give your audience a chance to not just hear, but see everything that’s great about your business or organization.

Our Element 74 team is skilled at setting up the right shots with the right customers to send the message you want your potential buyers to see. Good lighting, trustworthy folks, and a unique approach will polish your reviews to be something truly noteworthy. Give us a call or request a free consultation today.

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