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First, there was the online log of your thoughts: the web log. Better known as the blog. Now, in the world of media channels like Vimeo, YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook, we have instant streaming and video blogging (sometimes called a vlog).

Video blogging can serve a lot of purposes, and while people generally employ them for personal use, videos can also be used for your digital marketing efforts. Here are five ways video blogging can be good for your business:

1. Create a vlog to increase brand awareness!

Social media is great for short bursts of information, but if you’ve got a lot to say, you’re either going to need an audience full of committed readers or a video blog. Because you can engage your audience visually with a video blog, you’re able to keep their attention longer and share more information than with a long blog post.

2. Grow your social

Use your social networks to drive traffic to your website by posting clips and incentivizing them to watch the rest of the video on your site. This will also help you gain a following of invested listeners who are committed to going to your site to get the information you’re sharing. When you have quality content that is interesting and informative, followers don’t mind clicking on links to get to it.

3. Share your voice and give yourself an identity.

The second you step in front of a camera, your audience has a face and voice to connect with. The average person sees pages and pages of written information online all day long–so just like in real life, people are more likely to remember you when they can put a face to your name. Seeing your face will help build trust and create a sense of relationship between you and your audience.

4. Generate leads

Why tell someone that they need your product or service when you could show them why instead? Use video blogging to inform consumers of new advances or developments in your field, and how they can keep up with help from your business; you’re backing up your services, all while keeping a viewer’s attention.

5. Cultivate relationships with other businesses.

Influencer marketing is entirely dependent on strong video blogging skills. Using your video platform effectively will create an opportunity for businesses to reach out to you for honest reviews, influencer marketing, and access to your audience through a trusted source–you.

Video blogging requires dedication but when you have the right team helping you out, you can get a substantial following!

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