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Every day that our digital dependence grows, video marketing becomes more important. As you go about your day today, count how many videos cross your path; on social media, on websites, in emails, and even on your internet radio of choice.

You’ll find that the number is large–much bigger than it was just a few years ago. Why is that? Because in a world where anyone can post anything to the internet, an entire generation of people now demands visual evidence for almost everything.

Before you can think about a sales video, you need to begin with a product video. In a product video, all the best features of a product or service are highlighted. These videos are a compact way for consumers to get all of the information they need before they decide whether they are interested or not. When consumers decide they are interested, they will move on to the sales video.

After showing off all the best features in a product video, the sales video serves to drive users to complete a transaction. This transaction could be purchasing an item or service, but it could also be subscribing to a newsletter, a follow on social media, or downloading a whitepaper. Whatever the goal, the function of a sales video is to see the user through to the end.

E74 Tip: A strong product video is vital to drive people to a strong sales video.

Essentially, a sales video is like a salesperson that never quits. All of the best pitch ideas can be collected into this sales video for potential buyers to view at any time. Your video can feature a testimonial, or we can help you create a unique animation.

One of the greatest benefits of a sales video is the reach. Thanks to the world wide web, online video advertising gives you an opportunity to sell to everyone, regardless of timezone, meeting schedules, or travel expenses.

The keys to any good video are professional quality and intentional messaging. The average attention spans of most people are rapidly declining, which means that everything you produce must be engaging and have a clear message.

At Element 74, we will take the care and the necessary time to create an interesting script and engaging video that speaks to the right audience. We’re as invested in your success as you are, and with the right team, every business has a story to tell in video advertising. Check out all of the other types of videos we offer. We can help you show off everything from your CEO to your product to your customers.

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