Product and Demo Video Production - Element 74

If your site is populated with an abundance of high quality photography, you may find yourself wondering if a promotional video is even necessary or beneficial. The short answer is yes, it is.

In our visual world where tablets, tvs, and laptops mix with the power of print media, the old adage “you have to see it to believe it” is more relevant now than ever before. That’s great news for you as a business owner, because when you’re making an impression with a potential buyer, there’s no method more effective than visual. The human mind remembers visuals 55% better than any other media (Source). Your demo videos and promotional videos will be playing in their minds long after the computer is turned off; especially if it’s a video done right.

At Element 74, we understand that video can be daunting–it’s a lot of work and can come with a high price tag. But videos are investments, and we treat them that way. Promotional video production is more than a moving picture of your offerings. Potential customers need to be able to visualize themselves using your product in a way that is easy, cost efficient, and time effective–things that still photography can’t always showcase. (But we still highly recommend professional product photography, as it serves its own set of purposes.)

Promotional videos are not exclusively for products, but can also showcase services and offerings. In fact, video has a better chance of showing the whole story of a service than photography, because just like a client relationship, video is a living, moving thing.

Our team has the capability to shoot compelling videos for any type of business. From small products to large, industrial-sized products, and all your services, we’ll create something that connects with consumers and highlights the quality and character of your brand.. (And yes, we will come to you!)

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