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It may be hard to believe, but the same principles that make cartoons fun can actually be applied to digital marketing. Web animation videos take viewers to places they couldn’t otherwise have gone, entertains them with moving colors and sounds, and tells a carefully-crafted story.

It doesn’t take long for the human mind to grasp the concept of images. Within milliseconds, we are able to see, comprehend, and remember images. The brain is a pretty incredible piece of technology, and as digital marketers, we can benefit from the power of images in video.

Animated videos open doors for your digital marketing efforts that may otherwise be closed. Consider the intricacies of a factory line process–it may be difficult to actually get inside a machine and show how amazing it is, but animation could achieve that. Or the long journey certain products take from concept to final delivery–a journey that in live action video would take on-location shooting, actors, and props could actually take place in one fell swoop thanks to animation. Web animation is also a great way to address personal services like health care or finances without sharing personal details or identities, like the video below created by Element 74 for Nationwide Prescription Connection.

When you’re considering a web animation video, it’s especially important to have a team of experts working with you. Sure, if you can google “how to make an animation video” you’ll get links to DIY softwares and “easy to use” programs. But at Element 74, we believe in more than a set of boxed solutions that you can plug your story into. We want to get to know you and your business and your goals. From there, we’ll craft a video that’s actually made with you in mind. From the animation style and the color scheme to the message and script, you’ll see yourself in every part of it–and your customers will, too.

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