What if you could make hundreds of sales pitches to prospective customers in a single day? What if you could show how easy your product is to use in a matter of seconds? What if you could tell your story to potential donors all over the world without any travel expenses?

Video has the power to connect businesses and organizations to any audience, at any time. As the area’s leading video production company for online marketing, Element 74 can help you grow your audience with our video production services.

Video is not only highly prized by brands–customers value it too. According to Cisco, video will comprise 80% of the internet’s traffic by 2019. The content that draws audiences isn’t just for entertainment, but also for research, shopping, and instruction as well. Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. This is why marketing videos, tutorial videos, vlogs, and live-streaming are becoming the standard in digital strategy.

Many companies aren’t reaping the benefits of video yet. Creating a video is time consuming and, to get acceptable quality requires costly equipment. Editing a compelling promotional video can be tricky without the help of a skilled video professional. Element 74 takes on the technical and challenging aspects of video production, giving you a way to share your story for years to come.

We take a collaborative approach to video production. Our process starts with goal exploration. What should this video help you do? Persuade new prospects to find out more? Increase the engagement among current customers? Provide training on your product or service? Once we have your goal in mind, we plan out the best type of video for your message.

Our skilled video production team will work with you through every phase. With your goals in mind, we develop a detailed plan for execution including scripts, shot lists, voice over artists, actors, shoot locations, interviewees – we plan for anything your video might need.

We then direct and film the needed content. Once filming is complete, we move into post-production. Here is where we align the video with not only your goal but also your brand. During this phase we bring the footage to life and add in graphics, sound effects, and music. We take the time with each client to review the video at each stage. No video is ever complete until the client is 100% pleased with the final video.

We can help with your total online image! We offer website photography and logo design as well.

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