When YouTube hit the scene, it was revolutionary. It gave every person a chance to have a voice, a say, an opinion–and share them freely in the safety of their own channel.

As videos began to go viral, more and more people started using their phones and mobile devices to capture moving moments in time, wanting to add to the online storyboard of homemade films. The tech world responded to this movement with a greater focus on better cameras for mobile devices, and platforms dedicated to sharing these videos.

Today, live video streaming dominates social media like Instagram and Facebook, and it may seem to the onlooker that YouTube has lost its power over the video arena. However, this is untrue. YouTube still acts as a library to compile every chapter of your video story, and that is no small feat.

YouTube is doing amazing things for the marketing community. With over one billion active users with an unlimited amount of diverse interests, it’s no surprise that businesses can monetize on video through YouTube in various ways. Targeted ads before videos extend to every industry, ranging in length and skip-ability. Influencer marketing is another strategy that identifies key players in a specific industry and uses their community influence to promote products.

The most effective way to utilize YouTube is by getting into the medium yourself, stepping in front of the camera to bring your business to life. At Element 74, we’re here to help from strategy to filming. Sharing information via video will become the most universal and utilized form of communication in the near future. Whatever your industry, there is a play for video.

Talk to us about your audience, your message, and your industry and we will help you from start to finish. Let us draft scripts, scout locations, and do the shooting for you. Once you have the library, you can release them in increments and garner a following with professionally and expertly staged videos.

Interested in a wide range of video production? We have the services to help. Request a free consultation to start the conversation today.