With 310M monthly active users, it’s safe to say Twitter offers a large audience; but it can be difficult to take the platform by storm. Most Twitter users want to have as many followers as possible. That means a really busy newsfeeds and a lot more competition; especially for businesses.

The average user follows five businesses. That may sound underwhelming to you, but considering Twitter’s large user count, that’s a notable number. And users aren’t just following their favorite brands, their interacting! B2C interaction is becoming so common on Twitter, that 60% of consumers expect brands to respond to their query within the hour.

Twitter is a platform that takes “short and sweet” to a whole new level. The platform only allows 140 characters in a tweet; making users post quick, impactful statements and titles to make a point or to earn another user’s interest. To consistently gain followers and engagement, you have to Tweet multiple times a day and make each one worth it to your followers.

It’s easy to fall behind with this platform when you don’t have a plan: To stay on top of trends and the fast paced style of this platform, you have to have a solid strategy that won’t leave you hanging. Twitter is responsive to high amounts of engagement; as soon as you stop being consistent with your profile, you’ll see a major difference in your follower count and activity.

Adweek found that 92% of companies Tweet more than once a day. We can help you hold your own in this aggressive, diligent social channel so you can stay focused on running your business. We work with brands to help them make an impact on the platform that is best for their field and style, by getting to know your business and marketing goals. Let’s talk!