Pinterest is a place that millions of people visit for inspiration, creative ideas, and expert tips. It’s a platform that sets the stage for you to connect with users and create a visual glossary that shows off the service you provide or product you sell.

The best part? Everything you post on this platform has the possibility of being seen by millions; your Pins can be found by someone liking or sharing it, or even searching by keyword. With trendy illustrations and high quality photography, you can create share-worthy Pins that produce interest and interaction from consumers.

Pinterest, unlike platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, have distinct demographics that can help make your strategy even more effective. With 87% of Pinterest users being women, it’s one of the most reliable and predictable social channels used today. You can market your business with the knowledge of who’s most likely viewing it, and how it could relate to them personally. That’s a huge leap from other large platforms that make you target users based on many combined factors such as activity, interests, and other data that isn’t always always reliable.

Another advantage with Pinterest? Brand loyalty within its users. It has over 100 million regular users logging in daily that trust and rely on the platform for guidance on whatever they’re searching for; that means more consistency and attention from your followers. And with follower growth, comes great responsibility; keeping those followers engaged and involved takes time and proper planning. When you post similar content or slack on posting altogether, it can hinder your growth on the platform, and make you lose valuable followers.

When it comes to current trends and social engagement, Element 74 has you covered. We can create the perfect visual representation of your brand that will highlight your individuality and style. With personalized Pins that draw attention to your business, you can drive valuable consumers straight to your website. Want to increase your website activity and overall conversions? Let’s find the perfect social media channels for your business!