LinkedIn: It’s like Facebook in a suit and tie. This platform prides itself on being the go-to for everything professional.

Whether it’s inspired conversation about a specific field, employment searches, or connecting with others, LinkedIn is a credible source that the business world trusts. Not only can this platform hand-deliver you qualified candidates to add to your team; it can help your brand gain validity.

Still not convinced? Well, what if we told you LinkedIn is B2B heaven? With over 4 million company pages created so far, you could say it’s a trend. Businesses who are active on the platform gain credibility for themselves by posting original content and attract a completely different demographic to their brand than they would on other social channels.

Businesses aren’t the only ones using the platform, either. Professionals turn to the platform to stay up to date with trends and practices in their field, professional content they can trust, and to search for employment opportunities. The platform has two new members join each second, and 40% of LinkedIn users check their accounts daily. Now that’s dedication!

LinkedIn can sometimes be forgotten in the aggressive world of social media: Many businesses let their profile sit untouched until they’re looking to hire a new employee. The problem is, you aren’t going to find as many potential hires if you aren’t active on the platform. You have to make an impression on anyone visiting your profile, and that comes from consistency, original content, and impressive connections with other businesses and professionals. With new employees aside, your LinkedIn profile could come up anytime someone searches for your business. You want them to be as impressed with your LinkedIn presence as they are with any of your other social accounts.

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