Instagram is known for taking an emerging business and launching it into “trailblazer” status. Early adopters and inquisitive buyers use it as their primary discovery tool for the latest trends. Instagram breaks down barriers between brands, consumers, and industry leaders.

This is a platform that, when used correctly, allows you to create your own identity. Now is the time to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity; you need an energetic marketing strategy to keep up with trends, post consistently, and manage your audience engagement.

Instagram is a platform that is looked at as fun and spontaneous; and it could be what your marketing strategy is missing. The platform is becoming more and more intelligent, and could help get more eyes on your business. Updated algorithms and advances in software are constantly unveiled, and it now has new features that are geared toward businesses and their specific needs. At Element 74, we work with you to develop the approach you need to cultivate both followers and customers.

Half the battle with digital marketing is getting your content in the right hands, and this platform excels at just that. Instagram has a tool that provides a direct path for valuable consumers to find your brand: Hashtags. Hashtags are utilized on Instagram much more than other platforms; it’s the most popular way to explore the countless posts within it. So, if someone finds your brand by a hashtag you used to describe your product or field, that means they are already genuinely interested in that subject.

Pro Tip: You can stay ahead of the hashtag curve by using the search bar inside the app. Type in keywords and phrases, and they are instantly ranked by popularity, so you can see what hashtags are trending and what will get your photo the most user interaction.

Instagram is a personal and active way to connect to potential customers. It’s completely photo-based, and has no way to actually link anything like a blog or webpage within a post; your popularity relies on what your photography and content invoke in someone else. So you have to attract users with beautiful photos, entertaining mannerisms, and anything that will spark a similarity or interest within a possible consumer.

Are you ready to be discovered? Instagram takes an expert’s finesse; we offer Instagram management and coaching that is personalized for your needs and audience. Let’s brainstorm!