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How do nearby customers find your business? The answer to this question can transform your business.

Considering that half of all Google traffic comes from a mobile device, local customers can search for products and services like yours, call for availability, and show up at your location to make a purchase in less than ten minutes! In fact, searches like these convert up to 60% of local seekers into paying customers.

To win this highly profitable traffic from your competition, you first must understand how local business listings work. The top three business listed get the bulk of the traffic — this is called being in the “Three Pack”.

Lower ranking results are not shown immediately and get far less traffic. To place a company in the highly-prized Three Pack, the three major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) rely on a network of thousands of referral directories to validate each listing’s credibility.

To remain current in each of these directories is crucial to your visibility. Take for instance Google. It actively looks for listings on other search engines, local business directories, and other websites to see if it is able to match up the Name, Address, and Phone Number (also known as “NAP”) for a business. Each time Google finds a discrepancy in the NAP listings, no matter how small, it adversely affects the business listing, lowering not only your rank on local search, but it also shrinking the searchable area where your company is located. These specific rules are especially important when you’re locked in a tight battle for a place in the Three Pack (for instance, if you’re in a highly competitive or common local industry).

To maintain accurate NAP information across the web, you will need the best local SEO company as your partner! This is where Element 74’s local SEO experts can help. Our local SEO services help our clients rank higher, be accessed faster, and extend their searchable area. We focus on keeping all the information related to your listing accurate and current across the web. We also provided you with tools like review management, call monitoring, and robust analytics to help you convert more local searchers to paying customers.

We’ve got great news! Element 74 offers the area’s most comprehensive package of SEO tools. To find out more go to our SEO section.

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