Getting found online is a numbers game. Over 90% of Google users won’t click beyond the first page of the search results. Only 10% of these users will click on a paid search advertisement.

So how do you get your company in a coveted first-page, top-spot position? Crafting a website to be search-engine-friendly is one of the most complex tasks of online marketing and requires a partner well versed with search engine optimization (SEO). At Element 74, our SEO services specialists work with each client to rank for the kinds of searches that drive sales.

Effective search engine marketing is about both the art and science behind creating a successful online strategy. The art is in developing relevant, consistent content that resonates with your target customer. The science is in determining which of the over 100 billion monthly Google searches are going to be most profitable for your business.

We offer our clients a full range of SEO services to discover the best keywords and referral sources to drive custom-tailored content to persuade potential customers. Our search engine marketing services include:

  • Onsite SEO is a detailed process of making sure your website pages, titles, tags, content, and overall structure are optimized for your profitable keywords.
  • Link Building helps your site earn credibility with Google’s, Bing’s, and Yahoo’s search engines. We help build relationships with highly ranked, reputable websites to link your most important content.
  • Local Search Optimization helps local customers find your business more easily. It also lets you monitor and update your business listings across thousands of directories within a single, easy-to-use dashboard to ensure your business’s search ranking.

Element 74 makes getting your website SEO-ready a breeze. Check out our Content Creation services.

Our SEO clients see steady growth. To find out how you can grow your business with our SEO services team, call us at 573-332-7474 or sign up for a free consultation.